Monday, April 29, 2013

Fresh Steamed Oyster Mushroom Dim Sum

for wrap
1 cup maida/all purpose flour1/8 tsp saltwater to mixMix the maida and salt and then water slowly and mix and knead it with your hands to make it a firm stiff dough.Let is sit for half hour. In the meantime prepare the stuffing
Ingredients for stuffing2 cup chopped oyster mushrooms1/2 cup chopped onions1/2 cup chopped bell pepper1/2 cup chopped cabbage1 tbsp chopped garlic1 tsp soya sauce1-2 chopped green chillies1/4 tsp pepper powder or to taste1/4 tsp oregano(optional)a pinch of ajinomoto ( optional )salt to taste1 tbsp oilProcedure

Heat oil in a non-stick pan ,add garlic and onion and fry till it become translucent then add bell pepper,cabbage and mushrooms and fry for 5 min or till all the water of mushroom evaporate,cook them in high flame quickly as it will ensure that the water evaporate and veggies are still crunchy.

Add the oregano,soya sauce,salt, pepper and ajinomoto and stir quickly and switch it off  and let it cool.
Divide the dough into small lemon size ball and with a sprinkle of flour , roll them with a rolling pin to approximately 3 inch diameter and as thin as possible and cut with 3 inch diameter cookie cutter to get good round shape.

Now you are ready for assembly

Take one tbsp of filling and put in the middle and close to bring the two edges close to each other .

Close one corner and then make a small fold on one edge and press move towards the other edge and seal. Continue making these small folds on one side and press to seal with the other edge.Your dim sum wrap with the filling is ready.

Grease a large plate with some oil and place all the dim sums on it and cover with damp cloth , then steam them in a pressure cooker or steamer for 5-6 minutes and the dim sums will have a shiny silvery glow. Immediately shift to a hot pack.

Serve these warm dim sum with sweet chilli sauce to get the authentic experience

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